Upcoming festivals


Event date 15.09.2019

TESSA is pleased to present you its new program for artists and all creative people. This program will be held 4 times a year (autumn, winter, spring, summer) and will include various activities depending on the season: a competition in nominations, master classes, workshops, plein air and picnics in the open air.


Event date 03.11. - 04.11. 2019

The TESSAFEST competition, which will be held in Almaty for the fourth time, provides a unique opportunity to take part in the competition, and festival events, to exchange experience with participants from different countries (Cultural Exchange Ceremony), to go on excursions, and also to feel the atmosphere of this international holiday music and art!


Event date 01.12. 2019

Almaty competition of Academic singing and Instrumental performance, waiting for you! We have prepared for you a competitive program in academic style. The jury will consist only of professional singers and musicians.


Event date 09 - 12.04.2020

The European International Competition invites creative teams and individual performers to take part and get International Diplomas, as well as to compete for the main Prize of the competition established by the President of Festalonia – this is a ticket to international competitions in Europe!


Event date 02.05.2020

The Magic Voice contest will bring together talented singers for the second time in Almaty. This project is aimed at disclosing and supporting creative people and enhancing their professional skills.
Magic Voice will give an opportunity to professionals and amateurs to declare themselves, which will be an important step in their future musical career.

Fiestalonia Georgia

Event date 22 – 26.07. 2019

The international festival – competition BlackSeaFest will be held in the city of Batumi – the tourist capital of Georgia located on the Black Sea coast. Today Batumi is the most important cultural, economic and tourist center of Georgia. It is famous for the historical center of the city and the modern tourist area with …


Event date 19 - 23.06.2019

For the seventh time the festival will be held – the contest “Peace to Children”. We invite creative teams to take part in the competition, enjoy the beauty of the resort Borovoe and have a great rest on summer holidays! Have time to submit your application before 05.10.2019.


Event date 28.06. - 01.07.2019

The Moscow stage will be a new stage of creativity of singers and dancers. Show yourself, win the hearts of fans and enjoy a minute of glory! The competition will come guys from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and other countries …