Report on the conduct of

V International multi-genre festival – competition


Kazakhstan, Borovoye resort.

Organizer of the festival: Arabic festival organizing committee “TESSA”

With the support of:

Akimat   Burabay district;

Department of culture and languages development of Burabay district

House of Culture “Okzhetpes”

Dear our participants!

So ended our anniversary festival in Borovoye, saturated and bright, interesting and memorable project, which took place from 9 to 13 June 2017 in the most picturesque places of Kazakhstan – Burabay resort.

Burabai – blessed silence region, the crystal clear air, blue, and emerald mountain lakes. This picturesque corner of nature of Kazakhstan, which for its beauty, the rare harmonious combination of mountains, forests and lakes, unique flora and fauna received a poetic name “Pearl of Kazakhstan”

All the guys have long since safely got home, each of them brought from the festival a worthy award, a nominal diploma and a poster, which depicts all the contestants. From year to year we are waiting for this particular festival to meet new and old friends again. This year more than 500 participants from different regions of Kazakhstan and Russia came to visit us. It was very happily meet on the Kazakhstan ground “Exemplary staff of Oriental Dance” “Apsara”. This large and friendly team came from the distant city of Ulan-Ude, Russia. They presented their dances in 4 nominations, very bright and professional productions, which became the decoration of our festival. The contest program was very rich: opening, competition, rehearsals, Gala concert, festive disco, excursions.

Our contest is rightly called the international as well as the composition of the judicial commission was from different countries:





The opening of the festival took place on June 9th stage of the House of Culture “Okzhetpes”. Participants welcomed the head of the Department of the department of culture and languages development of Burabay district Damesh   Sadvakasovna and Director of Mid Elena festival. Opening ended with a festive concert for all participants of the competition.

The next day is June 10, the day of the contest. For all the guys, leaders and parents was especially exciting, for someone it was their creative debut. Numbers were presented in the categories: instrumental genre (piano, accordion, Dabrowa ensemble), vocal (folk, classical and pop singing), vocal ensembles, choreography (soloists and ensembles). The jury noted the high level of training of young artists, bright costumes, interesting productions of rooms and huge support of the auditorium. At the festival, it became a good tradition to congratulate the birthday from the stage and give them holiday souvenirs from the organizing committee.


The festive Gala concert and the solemn awarding of the contestants took place on the evening of June 11. The evening with the general number of all the choreographic collectives of our festival began very colorful and dynamic. One of the highlights of the evening was the solo performance of Indian dance from the jury members Oksana Mac Mahon (of Hong Kong, China). For many, it was a discovery to see a true Indian folk dance, costume and manner of performance. The audience was delighted! The concert included the best numbers of soloists and collectives. After the concert there was a solemn rewarding. All participants received awards, diplomas. They were also awarded special diplomas by the organizing committee, the certificates for the following projects. Many warm words sounded from the stage from the jury, leaders and parents. Director of the ensemble “Apsaras” Dordzhieva   Sesegma   Doshinimaevna thanked the organizers of the competition “World Children”, noted the professionalism and openness of the festival team, a warm welcome and presented a book about Ulan-Ude. It was unforgettable!


At the end of the evening, to the sounds of the festival’s anthem, the participants were overwhelmed with the joy of victories, they all took a joint photo on stage, collected autographs on their posters, exchanged not only addresses and souvenirs, but shared their happiness and impressions.


The festival of music, peace and good – took place !!!

So, let’s sum up:

Nomination “Instrumental genre”

3rd place

Gabit Ehdil

2nd place

Serik Inkar

Kayupova Dilnaz

1st  place

Ensemble “Okzhetpes”

Ihsan Dilnaz

Grand Prix –  Kadir Aigerim

Nomination “Vocal genre”

3rd place

Dihanbayev Adygea

Karabaev Renata

Seyitkochine Aitolkyn

Kayratkyzy Dinara

Choir “Balausa”

2nd place

Baranovskaya Veronica

Artemyeva Alina

Tauba Adele

Zhanat Aldiyar

Kainelgylym Bekarys

Togubaeva Sabina

“Monshaktar” Vocal Group

Yermatov Azhar

Murat Akerke

Bakitay Ayaugan

1st  place

Kaidaul Adia

Ablahat Nuraysha

Kaziyeva Jamilya

Choir “Aibala”

Berkimbayev Samira

Snegireva Xenia

Sikorska Anastasia

Dosmagambetova Alua

Malikova Aruzhan

Yerzhanov Yernaz

Pozdeyeva Daria

Edelbieva Maryam

Tursunov Makhinur

Nurgurman Yersen

Ashyrov Eldar

Sabigat Akzhol

GRAND PRIX – Sultanov  Reuben

Nomination “Choreography”

3rd place

Ensemble “Erkem – Ai”

Dance group “Jaz Batyr”

Ensemble “Zhuldyz” Dance (7-9 years)

Choreographic ensemble “Naz”

Dance group “EDEL”

Dance Studio “RAINBOW” (10-13 years old)

2nd place

“Erkeler” ensemble

Children’s show-ballet «Esquire» (5,6 years)

Children’s show-ballet «Esquire» (7-9 years)

Choreographic collective “Crystal”

Dance group “Samruk”

The choreographic collective “Rucheyok”

Model studio “Apsaras” (14-17) Oriental dance

Folk Ensemble “Gauhartas” dance

Mustafina Damir Ensemble “Rauan”

Show Ballet “Bayan-Sulu”

Ensemble “Gәkku” C Centralized art Gakku

1st place

“Karakat” ensemble

Dance Ensemble “AYALA”

Dance Studio “RAINBOW” (7-9 years)

Model studio “Apsaras” (7-9 years) of Oriental Dance

Kabildanova Aizhan, School-studio “Karakat”

Choreographic group in “Tulpar”

“Rauan” Dance Ensemble

Ensemble “Zhuldyz” Dance (10-13 years)

Model studio “Apsaras” (10-13 years) of Oriental Dance

Zhalelova Elnur, Ensemble “Rauan”

The choreographic collective “Rainbow” (14-17 years)

Ensemble “Rauan” dance (5-10 years)

Grand Prix – won the choreographic collective «L’Aru Dance »(7-9 years) and Examplary studio of Oriental dance” Apsara “(mixed ages)