TESSA is a leader in organizing various international festivals and competitions. Creative people from more than 10 countries have already taken part in our contests.

The first festival – the contest “WORLD OF CHILDREN” (Kazakhstan) appeared in 2012. At that time we were the first to organize a multi-genre festival in Borovoye, successfully combining the rest with the competition. We liked this idea so much that afterwards we organized more and more new projects. Over the years we have spent in the UAE, Russia and Kazakhstan more than 40 different contests, festivals, creative journeys. Each of our festival, competition has its own flavor and difference.

The main goal of our company is to support and promote talented children, young people, teachers.
Our first winners of competitions, years later, return to us as a jury and give fascinating master classes, put up musicals and flash mobs. They transfer their creativity to young talents.

In the organization of festivals and competitions, we always focus on comfortable accommodation of participants, healthy food, entertainment events. There are a lot of entertainment for children and adults in our programs: organized excursions, creative parties, master classes, seminars, round tables, work-shops, open-airs and more.
We always welcome moms and dads, grandparents. We even welcome when members come with their support group.

Our festivals bring kindness, joy and happiness, knowledge and the exchange of creative experience.
We are constantly growing and developing together with our members.

TESSA is an opportunity to combine participation in the competition and relax!
TESSA is a professional, well-coordinated, young, creative team of organizers!
TESSA is a developed system of objective refereeing!
TESSA is a Journey to the world of Art, Music and Creativity!

Welcome to our festivals!



  • Team leaders. There is always a good offer for you!
  • Educators to conduct various Master Classes, Workshops and more. (Write, tell about your Master Class topic, send your creative biography to participate in the panel of judges. We will be glad to meet you!)
  • Volunteers. Young people to organize creative projects, as well as for working practice.


And also we invite to cooperate

  • Companies engaged in the production of goods or services for children and adults;
  • Beverage and sweets companies;
  • Art galleries, recording studios, production centers, agencies for events and entertainment, and others;

You can ask any qustion by Е-mail:

tessafest.booking@gmail.com  or WhatsApp +7 771400 98 22



Oddly enough, but early planning is the key to a successful trip. And earlier – this is not a month or three months. Ideally, in 1 year, but more often  groups start thinking about traveling in 8 months in advance.
So where to start?
1. First of all, you need to contact us by email tessafest.booking@gmail.com or call +7 747 647 22 06, inform about your desire to participate;
2. We will send you an application form and a sheet of accommodation at the hotel. These documents must be filled in and and sent to us back by email: tessafest.booking@gmail.com;
3. After receiving your application for participation and a list of accommodation at the hotel, we will send you a confirmation of your participation in the competition, an invoice for the registration fee and an agreement for the participation of your team;
4. Next you need to pay the registration fee and send us a receipt;
5. Begin to issue an entry visa if the trip requires it;
6. Purchase round-trip air or train tickets, having previously agreed the time of arrival / departure with the organizing committee;
Groups that are prepared for the competition in advance have a number of positive advantages:
1. The ability to get discounts on shares for early participation;
2. Independently buy tickets at low market cost;
3. Book the best hotel rooms;
4. Book additional tours optional.

We invite creative teams and individual performers next year to go to festivals with TESSA!
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With respect to you,
TESSA company