Kazakhstan, resort Bororvoe
4 – 8 January 2020  
ORGANIZER: TESSA Festival Organizing Committee (Kazakhstan – Russia)
Akimat of Burabay region;
Department of Culture and Language Development of Burabay region;
House of Culture “ZHULDYZ”
Media Partner : art-dance.kz
Winter children’s – youth project, rapidly gaining its popularity not only in Kazakhstan, but also in other countries. From year to year, we try to diversify and improve our program so that the participants have no time to be bored. In addition to the competition, we included a wide variety of festival events in the program: a fascinating tour to the residence of Santa Claus, dog sledding, visiting a shaman, as well as evening events with quizzes and games, Master Classes, Zumba® Kids, as well as for participants in the nomination IZO – Master –Class from the jury member Anna Zhigar. Together we make a film – a movie about the festival!

Our mission is the promotion of novice artists, the talented teachers!

For participation in the festival – competition, children’s creative groups, individual performers, from music schools, art schools, art houses, studios and amateur clubs, as well as students of secondary special institutions are invited.
Competitive viewing and listening will take place on the stage of the House of Culture of the Borovoy resort. The size of the scene is 10 X 13 meters.

AGE CATEGORIES:  preschool (5.6), younger (7-9), middle (10-13), senior (14-17), youth (18-21), professional (22-25), mixed groups.


VOCAL (pop, academic, folk (including folklore and ethnography), song theater). Participants perform 1 diverse work , the total timing of which should not exceed 5 minutes.

CHORAL SINGING (academic, folk, gospel ) Junior choir – Middle choir – Senior choir. Participants perform 2 pieces, the total timing of which should not exceed 7 minutes.

INSTRUMENTAL GENRE (divided by musical instruments). Participants perform 1 work, the total timing of which should not exceed 5 minutes.

CHOREOGRAPHY (children’s, folk, folklore, stylized folk, classical, pop, modern, dance theater, shows, modern sports dance). Participants provide 1 dance, the total timing of which should not exceed 5 minutes. The dance theater is represented by 1 dance or 1 stage, the total timing of which should not exceed 10 minutes.

THEATER (dramatic, musical, stage plastic, model art). Participants provide 1 stage, the duration of one stage should not exceed 10 minutes.

ARTISTIC WORD – a poem of any author to choose from, or a passage. No more than 3 minutes.

ART AND CRAFT  participants in this nomination submit 1 work in free technique for the competition . On the topic: “PEACE TO CHILDREN.” One application – one job.

The refereeing committee of 2020 will be published later!


– At the discretion of the organizing committee, participants are awarded diplomas of international standard, cups;
– Information on the results of the performance is announced ONLY at the gala concert
– The graduation ceremony and prizes are held only at the gala concert.
– The decisions of the jury are final; they are not subject to review and appeal!
– The results of the competition and awarding are held in all nominations separately, taking into account age categories and provide for the awarding of the title of Grand Prix holder in each nomination, winners of three prizes (I, II, III degree), Diploma winners ;
  • All participants receive international registered diplomas.
  • The GRAND PRIX laureate receives : The international laureate diploma in English, the GRAND PRIX Cup, a discount or free certificate for participation in competitions in Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan;
  • Laureates of the I degree receive: International diplomas of laureates in English, commemorative engraving of the competition or a cup;
  • Laureates of the II , III degree receive: International diplomas of laureates in English, a souvenir medal of the competition;
  • Diploma winners – diploma of participation ;
  • Additional special diplomas and prizes were established in the following categories:

“Best Festival Photo”, “Best Costume”, “Audience Award”, “Jury Prize”, “Youngest Participant”, “Best Performance of Classical Work”, “For Contribution to the Development of Choreographic Art”, “For Best Ballet Work “,” For his contribution to the development of vocal art “, etc.


– Heads / educators are given letters of appreciation of the International standard.

– By decision of the organizing committee, we give certificates for free participation in other competitions.

– We celebrate all participants who have a birthday on the dates of our festival – competition;

– The Organizing Committee has the right, at its discretion, to additionally mark participants, accompanists and team leaders with special diplomas, prizes and gifts from the organizing committee to each special diploma;



01/04. (Saturday)
Arrival of participants at the station resort Borovoye (Shchuchinsk).
13:00 – Lunch at the hotel.
14:00 – New Year sightseeing tour of the Borovoye resort on a double-decker bus with Santa Claus and Snow Queen.   (Cost is 6 euro / person) . (A visit to the glade of Abylai -Khan, the majestic cliffs “ Okzhetpes ” and “ Zhumbaktas ”, the local history museum of nature, the zoo, the bear waterfall) We are making a film about the festival!
18:00 – Meeting with team leaders.
20:00 – Dinner. Dating evening.
01/05 . (Sunday)
08:00 – Breakfast
09:00 – Rehearsals. Competitive auditions in nominations (time will be announced additionally).
13:00 – Lunch.
14:00 – Rehearsals. Competitive auditions in nominations.
18:00 – Group Master Class in choreography
20:00 – Dinner
01/06. (Monday)
08:00 – Breakfast
10:00 – Group Master Class in Fine Arts from a jury member – ANNA GIGAR. (We draw a portrait) Everyone can be present.
13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Prepare to be awarded .
17:00 – Solemn ceremony of the International Festival – Competition “PEACETO CHILDREN”.
01/07. (Tuesday)
08:00 – Breakfast.
09:00 – Excursion to Lapland. Meeting with Santa Claus, visit the Shaman’s Plague, ride a dog sled.
09:00 – Free day.
13:00 – Lunch. Free time. We get souvenirs and prepare for departure.
20:00 – Dinner
01/08. (Wednesday)
From 07:00 – breakfast at the hotel. Those who leave earlier receive lunch box.
Transfer to the railway station Borovoye resort (Schuchinsk). Homecoming.


– Please note, the program can be adjusted!
– A more detailed program will be issued to each team and individual performer upon arrival at the organizational meeting.
– The beginning of the program (01/04) Is lunch, and the meal ends (01/08) with breakfast or lunch boxing.
– Additional days are paid separately;
– Be sure to purchase train tickets so that they arrive on 01/04. before lunch and check out of the hotel 01/08. before dinner (12:00) Those who stay more than 6 hours in the room pay extra (half of daily cost for accommodation). Also, whoever comes before, find out the surcharge from the organizing committee.
– A child up to 2 years old can live without providing a place with parents, but meals are paid separately;
– For an evening of acquaintance, each team prepares a business card – a presentation of their team (2 min), a small dance or song. Individual performers only talk about themselves (from where, what is the name and the other, no more than 1 minute). Tracks and everything else are transferred to the organizing committee in advance;
– During the festival – competition, it is possible to use the flags of the country or their teams.
– Sightseeing tour and any other booked and paid in advance. On the spot we do not accept payment and cannot book;
– To take consumables for participation in master classes and open-airs in fine arts with you;
– The cost of additional excursions (price) ask the organizing committee;
– To participate in the drawing “Best Picture” All participants, both before and at the time of the contest send your photos to the following email _ tessafest.booking@gmail.com / If you publish photos in instagramme , it indicates the next hashtag # peacetochildren2020 / so the organizing committee will track all your publications and the author of the best photo to award;


The cost of living in a 3 * hotel:
92 euro / person (when placed in the room for more then 3 people) ;
108 euro / person – (double room)
With a group of 20 people – 1 leader is free (accommodation, meals, transfers to the competition)
Included in the price:
Lived Contents 4 nights / 5 days ;
3 meals a day;
Transport service – trips to the contest and gala concert;
Two excursions:
New Year’s Eve in Borovoye resort;
Visit to Santa Claus (visiting the residence of Santa Claus, visiting the Shaman’s plague, dog sledding);
Technical festival support (a platform for performances and rehearsals);
Jury work;
Participation in the quiz “The Best Photo of the PEACE TO CHILDREN 2020 Contest” at the end of the program with a Special Prize;
Master Classes for participants – in choreography, vocals, fine arts (group);
A common film – a movie about the festival, is transmitted to each participant or group.
The price does not include:
Air or train / tickets;
Transfer pick-up / drop- off: from the railway station Resort Borovoye – hotel – railway station Resort Borovoye – 5 euro / person.
Medical insurance (each team and whether an individual contractor makes their own Medical insurance at will )
Consumables for the Master Class in Fine Arts;


Registration fee for participation:
Solo – 48 euro / person
Duet – 30 euro / person
Small forms (3 – 5 people ) – 15 euro / person
Bands (6 or more.) – 12 euro / person
Primary requirements:
– Preparation and conduct of the competition is carried out by the Organizing Committee;
– The Organizing Committee has the right to use and distribute (without paying fees to the participants and guests of the competition) audio and video recordings, printed and other products made during the competition events and on the basis of its results;
– Each participant has the right to speech advertising of his sponsor;
– Professional photo and video shooting is possible only by agreement with the organizing committee.
– When evaluating competitive performances, light accompaniment (various special lighting effects) are not taken into account;
– For vocal groups it is allowed to use their own radio microphones or headsets;
– It is forbidden to perform vocalists under the phonogram “plus”;
– It is forbidden to use phonograms in which the main part of the soloist is duplicated in backing vocals ;
– Replacing the repertoire during the contest is prohibited!
– Sent materials are not refundable!

Our organizing committee, who will be with you during the competition days:

Since June 2018, a licensed instructor of Zumba fitness . The training took place in Astana at Olesya Rakultseva (Russia, Yekaterinburg). Master classes were held by Mario Gutieres (Israel) and Age Kentai (Turkey). Currently, she runs the Zumba Fitness (Borovoe ) program. Also, Svetlana is the director of our festival program.
Art Manager and host of TESSA. Contact her for all questions regarding diplomas and letters of thanks. Write on email : tessafest.booking@gmail.com
TESSA Festival Program Coordinator. Contact for all technical and other issues. Write to email tessafest.booking@gmail.com
Head of TESSA. Producer, jury member of international competitions and festivals. Over the years, many new, original programs have been developed and successfully implemented. One of such projects is the festival “WORLD TO CHILDREN”. The purpose of this festival is a contest: to help and discover young talents. For artistic questions, write to email: tessafestival@gmail.com
To participate in the festival – competition, you must send the following documents to the email address: tessafest.booking@gmail.com
1) Form – applications of the established form in the format (Excel);
2) If your performance requires musical accompaniment, then send the track to the organizing committee in advance. Have a copy on a USB drive with you!
3) Pay the registration fee, thereby confirming your participation;
4) The sheet of the placement of the established sample in the format (Exсel).
5) Pay for accommodation and other additional services. (transfers train- hotel – train , excursions)


Our contacts:

mob. +7 747 647 22 06

E-mail: tessafest.booking@gmail.com

We are located in Qazaqstan: 

Almaty, Brusilovsky st. 34, 3rd floor

See you at the competition!



Download application form