Republican contest

“Art word”

Художественное слово

Kazakhstan, Almaty
Oktober 25, 2020
May 02, 2021

Founder and organizer of the competition:
Organizing Committee “TESSA” (Kazakhstan – Russia)

Supported by:
Almaty College named after Tchaikovsky

Media Partner: ART-DANCE.KZ

Venue and dates of the Competition.
Round I – Reception of video for the preliminaries and payment in the amount of 4000 kzt (per person) for participation – dateline April 15, 2020
Round II – Date of competitive listening: May 2, 2020. Venue: Almaty College named after Tchaikovsky.


1. General Provisions

1.1. This Regulation governs the order, competitive tasks and requirements for the contestants of this nomination.
1.2. The organization and conduct of the competition involves cultural and art workers, experts in the field of science and psychology.

2. Goals and objectives of the Competition

2.1. The competition is held in order to identify and support gifted creative youth of Kazakhstan, the formation of aesthetic and needs for creative fulfillment of children and adolescents by artistic creativity, and education of an active life position.
2.2. Competition Objectives:
– the development of traditional and innovative forms and methods of working on an artistic word;
– popularization of the genre of the word of art;
– introduction to the creative reading of fiction;
– enlightenment and cultural education in the formation of moral values among young people;
– Increase in performing skills, interest of children and adolescents in the art of artistic word;
– preservation and continuity of national traditions;
– creating conditions for creative self-realization, disclosure and growth of the creative potential of children and youth, harmonious formation of personality;
– identification and support of gifted children in the genre of the word of art;
– introducing children to the best examples of domestic and world literature;
– promoting the emergence and strengthening of diverse creative contacts between participants and leaders, the exchange of creative experience between the young talents of Kazakhstan.

3. Terms of participation in the Competition
The republican competition of readers “Art word” will be held in 2 rounds.
Participants perform the work of any author of the following genres:

  • Prose (prose work (passage));
  • Poetry (poetic work);
  • A fable, or an excerpt from a play or literary and musical (literary) composition

The participant needs to prepare 2 works: one for the qualifying round, the second for the final stage (competitive listening).
Round I – at the first qualifying stage, you must send your video lasting no more than 3 minutes. The video should be recorded in a horizontal position, shot with one take. Mounted clips are not accepted. Videos are accepted and published until 10.04.2020.
The video will be published on our page on Instagram @tessafest_com.
The participant who scored the largest number of likes on our Instagram page before April 15, 2020, automatically goes into the second round and receives a spectator award (gift).
Each participant will receive a certificate of participation in their email, as well as a certificate for the teacher for preparing the contestant within 24 hours!
Round II – the final stage (competitive listening). Participants in the second round must prepare a different work.

The performances of the Contest participants are evaluated by age groups:
Group I – up to 11 years old inclusive;
Group II – 12-14 years inclusive;
Group III – 15 – 26 years old inclusive;
Group IV – a mixed category.
The age of the participants is determined on the day the Competition begins. Summing up the results of the Competition and rewarding the winners at the II stage of the competition.
1. The performance of the Contestants is evaluated by the jury.
2. The decision of the jury is drawn up in a protocol and is not subject to revision.
3. The jury evaluates the performances of the contestants according to the following criteria:
stage freedom;
disclosure of the image;
artistic taste.
4. Based on the results of the competition performances, the awarding is carried out taking into account age categories and provides for the awarding of the Grand Prix of the competition, the title of winner of three prizes (I, II, III degree)
5. By decision of the jury, the participants of the Competition may be awarded with special diplomas: for literary material; for pedagogical work with performers; the youngest and most artistic performer;
6. According to the results of competitive performances, the jury has the right not to award the Grand Prix.

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We are located in Qazaqstan: 

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See you at the competition!