International European Competition in Kazakhstan Fiestalonia-Almaty

Международный Европейский конкурс в Казахстане Fiestalonia-Almaty

The International European Competition in Kazakhstan, Fiestalonia-Almaty, is organized by the leading festival and competition committee in Europe FIESTALONIA MILENIO.

The International European Competition in Kazakhstan Fiestalonia-Almaty is held under the patronage of the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music (Moscow, Russia); Institute of Culture and Arts (Moscow State University – (Moscow, Russia)) Conservatory of Barcelona (Spain); Paris Academy of Dance and Performing Arts (Paris, France). The International European Competition in Kazakhstan Fiestalonia-Almaty invites members of the admission commissions of the above-mentioned universities as a jury. The abbreviation of these universities is placed on the diplomas of the participants.


При поддержке Российской Академии Музыки имени ГнесиныхПри поддержке института культуры при Московского Городского Педагогического Университета


  • Europe’s leading competition committee organizes an international competition in Almaty, the cultural capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • international jury of certified experts and figures in the field of culture with a worldwide reputation (such a judiciary arrives in Kazakhstan for the first time!);
  • the presence of producers at the competition ;
  • rating system guaranteeing the highest quality of refereeing;
  • trainings, master classes, round tables with leading experts and educators;
  • free workshops for all contest participants and their teachers;
  • workshop with teachers, work on mistakes based on the results of competitive viewing;
  • the ability to pay only the competitive fee;
  • the possibility of payment at an office in Almaty;
  • the possibility of ordering a full package of services, including hotel accommodation, meals and transfers;
  • The International European Competition in Kazakhstan Fiestalonia – Almaty offers magnificent scenes and other conditions to demonstrate their own capabilities;
  • official international number diplomas with the results of the competition are awarded not only to teams, but also each individual participant is given a personal registered diploma;
  • participants in master classes receive European-style certificates;
  • team leaders and sponsors receive personalized letters of appreciation on the official number form of the Kingdom of Spain;
  • the best performers will be invited to international competitions in Spain, Italy, France, Kazakhstan and Georgia;
  • Special Prize of the President of Fiestalonia Milenio – free participation in international competitions in Spain, France, Italy, Kazakhstan and Georgia;
  • the opportunity to engage in touring activities in Europe.
  • The international European competition in Kazakhstan, Fiestalonia – Almaty, sets the following tasks:
  • popularization of Kazakhstan at the international level;
  • increasing the performing level of collectives and the search for new creative individuals;
  • strengthening cultural ties between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the European Union;
  • strengthening diverse cultural ties, creating a creative atmosphere for professional communication among the participants of the competition, exchange of experience and repertoire;
  • discovery of new names and talents;
  • attracting music producers and managers to organize subsequent touring and concert activities of the participants of this festival in Spain, France, Italy and Kazakhstan.


GROUP (A1) – instrumental music (soloists, ensembles, orchestras) 

  • piano solo, piano ensembles for one instrument (it is not allowed to execute the program on two instruments);
  • academic string, stringed bow instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass, etc.);
  • folk instruments: button accordion, accordion, string-bow, string-plucked, string-plector string-percussion, etc .;
  • wind instruments ;
  • the guitar .

GROUP (A2) – Kazakh folk instruments

  • Stringed plucked: dombyra, sherter, zhetigen, dombyra bass, prima;
  • Stringed strings: prima kobyz, kyl kobyz, bass kobyz, alt kobyz;
  • Wind instruments: sybyzgy, saz syrnai, muiz syrnai, tastauyk, uskirik;
  • Reed : Shan Kobyz ;
  • Drums : dabyl , dangyra , dauylpaz ;
  • Singing with dombra .


  • one piece to choose from
  • Entry must not be longer than 5 minutes
  • The declared program must strictly correspond to the execution at the competition: it is impossible to change the program;
  • performance under a phonogram is not allowed;
  • there are no restrictions on the status of the participant (for example: music school, music academy, college of music, conservatory, amateurs or private education. Professionals and amateurs are evaluated in different categories ).

GROUP ( B 1) – choral art B 1.1. mixed; B 1.2 incomplete mixed / chamber; B 1.3. homogeneous; B 1.4 children.)   

  • academic vocals ;
  • folk vocals ;
  • folklore ( authentic ) vocals ;
  • pop vocals ;
  • jazz vocals ;
  • gospel ;
  • spiritual .


  • One piece to choose from – with musical accompaniment or a capella (no more than 5 minutes).

GROUP ( B 2) – vocals (ensembles soloists, duets, trios, quartets, quintets) 

  • academic vocals ;
  • folk vocals ;
  • folklore ( authentic ) vocals ;
  • jazz vocals ;
  • pop vocals .


  • Bands, soloists, duets and small forms present only one contest number lasting no more than 5 minutes.
  • A work that characterizes the capabilities of performers.
  • All compositions should be recorded on flash – media in MP 3 format ;
  • Be sure to include soloists, duets, and small forms (from three to five people) in the application;

GROUP (C) – choreographic groups and soloists

  • classical dance ;
  • folk choreography, folk-stylized dance, ethnic dances;
  • ballroom dancing ;
  • sports dances (hip-hop, disco, techno, street, electric boogie, break dance, pop locking, as well as other street styles);
  • modern choreography (jazz, modern, neoclassic, etc.);
  • pop dance ;
  • oriental dance ;
  • children’s dance ;
  • street dance;
  • social dance ( argentine tango , balboa , bachata , boogie-woogie , waltz , west cost swing , zook , irish network dances , country , kizomba , lindy-hop , car , merengue , reggaeton , rueda , salsa , samba de hafieira , semba , forro , hustle and others ).


  • Bands, soloists, duets and small forms present only one contest number lasting no more than 5 minutes.
  • All compositions must be recorded on flash media in MP 3 format
  • Be sure to include soloists, duets, and small forms in the application (from three to five people)
  • There are no restrictions on the status of the participant (ballet school, dance academies, choreographic departments of universities and others)


GROUP A 1 and A2

  • I) – 7-9 years old
  • II) – 10-12 years
  • III) – 13-15 years
  • IV) – 16-19 years old
  • V) – 19-25 years old
  • VI) – over 25 years old
  • VII) – mixed category for orchestras

GROUPS B1 and B2

  • I) – 7-9 years old
  • II) – 10-12 years
  • III) – 13-15 years
  • IV) – 16-19 years old
  • V) – 19-25 years old
  • VI) – over 25 years old
  • VII ) – mixed category for choirs and vocal groups


  • I) under 9 years old
  • II) 10-12 years
  • III) 13-15 years
  • Iv) 16-19 years old
  • V) 20 – 25 years
  • VI) from 26 years
  • Mixed age category Mixta


The International European Competition in Kazakhstan Fiestalonia – Almaty always invites the most professional and competent jury members for a competition of this magnitude.

The jury is staffed by prominent artists, educators and producers. The exact list of jury members will be published closer to the start of the competition. A list of possible members of the panel of judges can be found at: http : // ru . fiestalonia . net / jury /  

Jury members of previous Fiestalonia competitions in Kazakhstan (Astana and Almaty):

Elena Kuzmina (Russia) – Honored Artist of Russia, singer, composer, teacher, director and producer. Professor of the department of pop vocal at GITIS. Consulting teacher in the theater-studio “Fidgets”. Laureate of many pop-jazz festivals. He holds master classes in pop vocal both in Russia and abroad. She will hold a master class for all participants in the vocal block of the competition on the topic “Vocal Phonopedic Gymnastics”.



Nikoloz Kherkhadze (Georgia) – Teacher of the history of Georgian choreography, holder of the Order of Honor, founder and head of the choreographic ensemble “Lile” under the society of the Union of the Deaf of Georgia, chief choreographer of the dance school – Sukhishvili Studio. He will hold a master class for all participants in the choreographic block of the competition on the theme “Disclosure of character in dance”.



Luca Ferrara

Luca Ferrara

Luca Ferrara – One of the most famous conductors in the world. He managed symphony orchestras in Germany, Spain, France, Austria and Italy. He is the musical Director of the Alfonso Rendano Theater and is engaged in the search for young talents.



Gian Luca Pasolini

Gian Luca Pasolini

Gian Luca Pasolini – Vocalist, performed on prestigious stages of the world. In the Vatican Concert Hall, he performed the famous Ave Maria for the Pope. A star with a rich voice. Today he is one of the most sought after tenors in the world.


Peter Bence

Peter Bence

Peter Bence – Pianist, Guinness World Records record holder. One of the most innovative musicians of our time. He is motivated by a spirit of creativity and musical imagination. Musician, composer, songwriter, arranger and producer.


Germano de Rossi

Germano de Rossi

Germano De Rossi – Teacher and choreographer . Winner of the international competition dedicated to Holy Jubilee 2000 among professionals. Currently works in the leading school ‘ Dance Department ‘ and other prestigious schools in Italy and abroad.


Stefano Malferrari

Stefano Malferrari

Stefano Malferrari – Musician Pianist . He toured all over the world as a Soloist of the Symphony Orchestra in Warsaw, a soloist of the Philharmonic of the Marche region (Italy). Today is an assistant professor of piano at the Conservatory. Martini in Bologna .


Montserrat Marti

Montserrat Marti

Montserrat Marti – Musician , soprano , has received education in the conservatory at the Gran Teatre de Liceo in Barcelona . The first soloist of the choir of the Bolshoi Theater Liceo Barcelona . Soloist of the orchestras La principal de la Bisbal and La Orquesta Maravella .



Roberto Lori

Roberto Lori – Choreographer , teacher , opera and ballet dancer . The author of the choreography of a huge number of productions in different countries of the world. Teacher of master classes and workshops around the world. Member of the jury of prestigious international competitions.


Sofia Lozé

Sofia Lozé

Sofia Lozé – Prima ballerina of the Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theater, the Moscow Kremlin Ballet and the National Ballet in Brussels. President of the AMSAR Association (Paris). President Gala evenings at the Paris Opera .


David Japaridze

David Japaridze

David Japaridze – President and Founder of the Fiestalonia Milenio Spanish Festival and Competition Committee . Representative of the CID UNESCO Dance Council in Spain. Director of the production center of Fiestalonia International in London.


Daniel Candelas

Daniel Candelas

Daniel Candelas –  is a world famous flamenco artist . He has performed with such grandees of flamenco as La Tani , Yolanda Cortes, Teo Barea and others . His creative career began 20 years ago, since then he has successfully toured France, Romania, the USA, Holland, and Australia. In France, Dani danced for the Raffel Pages.


Irina Bronnikova

Irina Bronnikova –  Professor of Art History, Professor of Music and Vocal at the Conservatories of Barcelona and Girona, has been teaching for more than 3 years at the University of Sorbonne (Paris, France) in World Art Culture


Olga Gribkova

Olga Gribkova

Gribkova Olga – Professor, Department of Vocal and Choral Conducting, Institute of Culture and Arts, Moscow City Pedagogical University, Doctor of Pedagogy, Laureate of International Competitions, Leading Conductor-choirmaster. He is a member of the Dissertation Council D850.007.04. Has protected graduate students. The author of more than 80 scientific publications. He gives lectures in Russia and China. Actively leads creative, scientific and international activities.


Natalia Brazhnikova

Natalia Brazhnikova – professor at the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music, accompanist at the A.G. Moscow State Institute of Music Schnittke, laureate of All-Russian and international competitions. He constantly performs as an ensemble and accompanist with soloists of Russian orchestras and philharmonic societies. In 2013, by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin, for achievements in culture and art, she was awarded the medal of the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland”, II degree.


The jury has the right to :

  • to award not all prizes ;
  • share prizes between performers ;
  • award special prizes to teachers for outstanding achievements;
  • make a decision to terminate a speech that goes beyond the scope of the regulation;
  • the jury evaluates the participants in the competition on a 100-point system, the final result is the sum of the average number of points received and the average value of intermediate ratings;
  • decisions of the Jury are final and not subject to revision.

Evaluation Criteria: 

Competition Evaluation Criteria – GROUP (A) 

  • the complexity of the repertoire ;
  • degree of virtuosity and technical freedom;
  • stage culture, artistry. creative personality.

Competition Evaluation Criteria – GROUP ( B 1 and B 2) 

  • purity of intonation and sound quality;
  • the beauty of timbre and the power of voice;
  • stage culture , artistry ;
  • performing skills , technology .

Competition Evaluation Criteria – GROUP (C) 

  • performing skills – a technique for performing movements;
  • compositional construction of numbers ;
  • stage performance (plastic, costume, props, performance culture);
  • selection and conformity of musical and choreographic material;
  • artistry , the disclosure of an artistic image .


By genres of performance and nominations, awards are distributed among seven age groups:

  • participants scored up to 70 points become – diploma students (copper diploma);
  • participants scoring from 70 to 80 points – laureates of the third degree (bronze diploma);
  • participants scoring from 81 to 90 points become – laureates of the second degree (silver diploma);
  • participants scoring from 91 to 99 points become – laureates of the first degree (gold diploma);
  • participants with 100 points become Grand Prize winners of the FIESTALONIA – ATMATY contest (platinum diploma).

Each individual team member is awarded personal diplomas from the founders and organizers of the competition. Collectives, soloists, duets and small forms – winners of the first prizes receive an additional international diploma in the form of engraving. Grand Prix holders receive a personal diploma and a corporate Champions Cup from FIESTALONIA . A special Presidential Prize Fiestalonia Milenio has been established – free participation in international competitions in Spain, Italy, France. Each leader, teacher and sponsor of the team receives letters of appreciation on the stamp of the Kingdom of Spain. Leaders of the contestants receive international certificates of master classes.


Program “International European Competition in Kazakhstan Fiestalonia – Almaty ” will be announced  later.

April 09

16:00 registration of applications; 18:00 – speech of the President of the international competitive movement (Spain).
April 10

*09: 00 the beginning of the competitive viewing of participating in the categories: A , B 1, B 2
April 11

9:00 – master classes: round table ( workshop ) * 11:00 – the beginning of the competitive viewing of pop vocal and choreography (group B 2 and C ).
April 12 
* 18: 00 – Gala awarding of the finalists and solemn awarding.

* The gala award will be held with the participation of the winners selected by the organizing committee of the competition together with the jury. You will see on the stage the brilliant members of the jury .


Cost of participation
  • The cost of participation of the soloist is 60 euros / person.
  • The duo’s participation fee is 40 euros / person.
  • the cost of participation of small forms ( up to 5 people ) 35 euros / person
  • Groups of 5-10 people – 30 euros / person.
  • Groups from 11 people – 20 Euro / person.
  • Groups from 25 people – 15 euros / person.

* if the application is submitted for participation in more than one nomination, then the additional nomination is paid as a separate participation


  • FREE group workshop for teachers whose students take part in the competition; *
  • FREE workshop with teachers, work on mistakes based on the results of competitive viewing.
  • The cost of an individual master class for teachers and participants with world-class masters: 120 euros / person. * *

* Each teacher whose students participate in the international competition is given the opportunity to participate in a group master class for free, the teacher receives a European international certificate of advanced training signed by the master. ** All participants in individual master classes receive an international certificate of professional development signed by the master



  • All rights to photo and video filming of the competition events belong to the organizer of Fiestalonia Milenio .
  • Payment is a confirmation of participation in the competition, if in the future the participant refuses to participate in the competition for any of the reasons, the money will not be returned.


In order to arrange a trip to the contest, please contact us

E – mail : tessafes . booking @ gmail . com
Mob: +7 (747) 647 22 06 (Calls within Kazakhstan and WhatsApp )
Tel : +7 (499) 899 02 27 For calls from Russia


  • Deadline for accepting applications 50 days before the festival
  • payment deadline 45 days before the festival
  • the number of participants is limited, after the limit of places has been exhausted, applications can be stopped ahead of schedule.

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Our contacts:

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We are located in Qazaqstan: 

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