Хоровой конкурс Magic Choir



“ Magic Choir ”

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Founder and organizer of the festival-competition:
festival organizing committee ” TESSA ” (Kazakhstan – Russia)

With the support of: 
Almaty College of Music named after Tchaikovsky

Media Partner: ARTDANCE.KZ

Venue: Competition day and awarding – 05/01/2020, the Big Concert Hall of the Almaty Music College named after Tchaikovsky. Address: Almaty, st. Manasa 13. Terms of participation for groups from other countries 30.04. – 03.05. 2020


The company TESSA will gather in the city of Almaty, the cultural capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, professional and amateur teams in the International Choir Competition “ Magic choir ”. Choirs will perform on the stage of the very first musical institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the concert hall of the Almaty Music College named after Tchaikovsky.

“ Magic choir ” is an important international event for choirs and lovers of choral music. It is held annually, for four days, in early May. The program of performances at the competition provides great flexibility in choosing a repertoire and genre, and provides for competitive and demonstration performances.

Competition – festival “ Magic Choir ”, undoubtedly, is an integral part in the cultural life of the Almaty city, combining the opportunity to exchange experiences with the traditions of choral singing from different countries and the ability to strengthen cultural ties between participants.

This international project aims at uniting and popularizing the choral art of Kazakhstan and attracting foreign collectives to visit Kazakhstan. For groups from other countries there is a festival program from 30.04 – 05.03.2020 .

About Almaty.

The Almaty city is considered to be the cultural capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan! It is here that hosts a large number of concerts and events of high level. The beautiful city due to its unique location is one of the most attractive cities in the Eurasian continent. We invite you to visit KAZAKHSTAN!


Choral singing (academic vocals, folk vocals)

Age categories:
– Junior choir (6-8 years);
– The average choir (9-11 years old);
– Senior choir (12-18 years old);
– Mixed choir (from 18 years old);

Requirements for performed works: Choirs perform 2 pieces of their choice. Timing should not exceed 10 minutes. 1 work – a capella . 2 work – with musical accompaniment.

General requirements for the performance:

v Participants have the right to participate in several nominations upon submission to the Organizing Committee of a separate application and payment for each nomination;
v Replacing the repertoire during the competition is prohibited;
v Sound phonograms (minus) must be in MP -3 format and sent to tessafest.booking@gmail.com for verification and approval.
v A sample of the scene takes place on the day of the competition and in a strictly defined sequence;
v During rehearsals, provide 4 copies of the scores of the performed work;


 The refereeing committee of 2020 will be published later!



Participants are evaluated in each nomination taking into account age according to the following criteria:
– Degree of complexity of the repertoire;
– Choral sound;
– The degree of virtuosity and technical freedom;
– Compliance with musical material;
– Appearance (costumes);
The jury has the right to:
– not award all prizes;
– share prizes between performers;
– to present special prizes to teachers for outstanding achievements;
– decide on the termination of the speech, beyond the scope of the regulations;
– the jury evaluates the participants by closed ballot, on a 10- point system, the final result is the average of the number of points received;
– decisions of the jury are final and not subject to revision;
The Grand Prix laureate receives a personal diploma of international standard, the Grand Prix Cup, souvenir medals for each member of the team, as well as a cash prize in the amount of 100,000 tenge;
Laureates of the 1st degree receive personal diplomas of the international standard, the Cup of the choral competition and a souvenir medal to each member of the collective;
Laureates of the II degree receive personal diplomas of the international standard, the Cup of the competition;
Laureates of the III degree receive personal diplomas of international standard, the Cup of the competition;
Competition winners receive personal diplomas of the international participant;

Awarding is held on a certain day of the program. It is impossible to receive awards earlier than the official day of awarding;



APRIL 30 (Thursday) Arrival of participants. Hotel accommodation. Meeting with team leaders and a festive buffet reception.
MAY 01 (Friday) Opening of the competition. Rehearsals, sound sample; Competitive performances; Rehearsal of a common song; Solemn rewarding of participants;
MAY 02 (Saturday) Tours in Almaty;
MAY 03 (Sunday) Departure home. Transfer to the hotel .


Registration fee for participation :

  until March 01 until April 01 until April 18
vocal and choral ensemble
(from 12 to 20 students)
70,000 80,000 100,000
chamber choirs
(from 20 to 30-50 students)
90,000 100,000 120,000
medium choirs
(from 50 to 60-70 students)
120,000 1300000 150,000
big choirs
(from 70 to 120 students)
170,000 180,000 200,000


Basic requirements:
– The preparation and conduct of the competition is carried out by the Organizing Committee;
– The Organizing Committee has the right to use and distribute (without paying fees to the participants and guests of the competition) audio and video recordings, printed and other products made during the competition events and on the basis of its results;
– Each participant has the right to speech advertising of his sponsor;
– Professional photo and video shooting is possible only by agreement with the organizing committee.
– When evaluating competitive performances, light accompaniment (various special lighting effects) are not taken into account;
– For vocal groups it is allowed to use their own radio microphones or headsets;
– It is forbidden to perform vocalists under the phonogram “plus”;
– Replacing the repertoire during the contest is prohibited!
– Sent materials are not refundable!

Our organizing committee, who will be with you during the competition days:
Art managers and leading company TESSA . Contact her for all questions regarding diplomas and letters of thanks. Write on email: tessafest.booking@gmail.com
Festival Program Coordinator . Contact for all technical and other issues. Write to email: tessafest.booking@gmail.com
ELENA SEREDINA Head of TESSA . Producer, jury member of international competitions and festivals. Over the years, many new, original programs have been developed and successfully implemented.


To participate in the festival – competition, you must send the following documents to the tessafest.booking@gmail.com:

1) Form – applications of the established form in the format (Excel);
2) Art photo of the team;
3) If your performance requires musical accompaniment, then send the track to the organizing committee in advance. Have a copy on a USB drive with you!
4) Pay the registration fee, thereby confirming your participation;
5) The sheet of the placement of the established sample in the format (Excel).
6) Pay for accommodation and other additional services. ( train station- hotel – train station, excursions)
7) During rehearsals, provide 4 copies of the score of the performed work;


Our contacts:

mob. +7 747 647 22 06

E-mail: tessafest.booking@gmail.com

We are located in Qazaqstan: 

Almaty, Brusilovsky st. 34, 3rd floor

See you at the competition!




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