MAY 5, 2019


The contest of the new format “Magic Voice” will gather talented singers in Almaty for the second time. This project is aimed at disclosing and supporting creative people, enhancing and realizing their professional skills. The creative atmosphere of the competition will create favorable conditions for inspiration, will replenish your knowledge base with invaluable experience. Magic Voice will give an opportunity to professionals and amateurs to declare themselves, which will be an important step in their future musical caree.

Founder and organizer of the competition: TESSA Organizing Committee
Venue of the competition : Grand Concert Hall of the Almaty Music College named after Tchaikovsky. Address: Manasa 13
         The competition is supported by:
• Music school – studio STRONG MUSIC
• School of multi-vocal vocals “ImproviNation” (Almaty) @improvination_almaty
• KSPRODUCTION Production Center
• Recording Studio Gagarin Records
• Karaoke microphones Almaty
• Media partner: portal;

– academic vocals;
– folk vocals;
– pop vocal;
– jazz;
– author’s song;
– Musical Theatre;
– show group;
– the musical.
Forms of participation:
– individual performers (solo);
– small forms (from 2 to 5 people);
– ensembles (from 6 people and above);
– Choirs (from 6 people and above).

Age categories:
5.6 years’ old
7-9 years’ old
10-12 years’ old
13-15 years’ old
16-19 years’ old
19-25 years’ old
over 25 years’ old
mixed category
art – master
In each age category, participation from the previous or subsequent age categories is allowed for no more than 30% of the total number of participants in a competitive performance.


A graduate of the Kazakh National Conservatory. Kurmangazy. She graduated from the Roman Academy of Music (Italy), as well as the Roman Conservatory named after Santa Cecilia (Italy). Went through the internship at the Paris Academy named Evy Bartelemi. The current soloist of the State Opera and Ballet Theater named after Abai, a teacher at the Kurmangazy Conservatory (solo singing).





Director of the School of Arts Karina Sarsenova, Associate Professor of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory. The main composer of the KSproduction production center, the author of many popular songs and music for films, the creator and artistic director of the famous vocal group “Kazyna”, the owner of the Grant of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the leader of the nation. Honored Worker of Culture.

She graduated from the Kazakh National Conservatory. Kurmangazy, as well as the magistracy and received a master’s degree in art history. Head of the vocal department of the Children’s Music School of the Palace of Schoolchildren of Almaty. Also works as a vocal teacher in the Kazakh National Academy of Arts. Zhurgenov. During her work she prepared laureates of city, republican and international competitions.




Graduate of the Kazakh National Conservatory. Kurmangazy. Representative of the International School of multi-genre vocal Irina Tsukanova “ImproviNation” in Kazakhstan. He has extensive experience in conducting vocal master classes and preparing laureates of international competitions and festivals.



 Participants are evaluated in each nomination based on age according to the following criteria:
– the degree of complexity of the repertoire;
– degree of virtuosity and technical freedom;
– scenic culture, artistry, creative individuality.

1. Contestants’ performances are rated on a 10-point scale;
2. Decisions of the jury are not subject to appeal;
3. The jury will evaluate the performance by a closed ballot;
4. The jury may divide the title of laureate among several participants;
5. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the decision of the jury and the award of seats to the participants;
6. All participants are awarded with laureate nominal diplomas of 1,2,3 degrees, Grand Prix, memorable prizes, special diplomas;
7. Awarding is held on a specific day of the program. To receive awards before the official day of awarding and after it is impossible;

Among the prizes of the competition, which are awarded for Special Diplomas, Grand Prix:
 Certificates for participation in International festivals from TESSA company;
 Free certificates for studying at the Strong Music Music School;
 Free certificate for recording in a professional recording studio Gagarin Records;
 Certificate for attending free vocal lessons at the Karina Sarsenova Art School;
 The certificate for attending free vocal lessons from the school “ImproviNation Almaty”;
 Karaoke microphones from the company ALMATY KARAOKE.

The competition is prepared and conducted by the Organizing Committee.
The Organizing Committee has the right to use and distribute (without paying fees to participants and guests of the competition) audio and video recordings, printed and other types of products produced during the events of the competition and following its results;

Each participant has the right to advertise their sponsor
You can order a professional photo and video filming of your performance in advance in the organizing committee;
When evaluating competitive performances, light accompaniment (various special lighting effects) is not taken into account;
For vocal groups it is allowed to use their radio microphones or headsets;
Submitted materials are non-refundable!

 General requirements:
1. Participants perform 1 song, timelimite should not exceed 5 minutes;
2. In the nominations “Musical Theater” and “Musical” the participants present one piece  of no more than 15 minutes;
3. Participants have the right to participate in several nominations when submitting a separate application for each nomination to the Organizing Committee;
4. Replacing the repertoire during the competition is prohibited;
5. Soundtracks (minus) must be in MP-3 format and sent to mail for verification and approval. Tracks sent must be signed (Name, Surname, title of the work). You should have a duplicate of phonograms on the flash drive during the competition.
6. The performance of vocalists under the phonogram “plus” is prohibited, as well as the use of phonograms in which the main part of the soloist is duplicated in the backing vocals;
7. The trial of the scene takes place in a strictly defined sequence, defined by the organizing committee.

Preliminary program:
• May 5 (Sunday)
Rehearsal, soundcheck;
Opening of the contest-festival;

Competitive performances;
Master Classes;
Awarding of participants;
 The amount of the registration fee is:
• Cost of participation of the soloist – 16 000 tenge
• The cost of participation of the ensemble of small forms (up to 5 people) – 10 000 tenge / person.
• The cost of participation of a team of 6 people and up to 12 people – 7 500 tenge / person.
• The cost of participation of the choral group of 13 people or more – 5,000 tenge / person.
The price of the contest fee includes: stage rental, sound engineer work, souvenir and printed products, presenters, etc. In the event that a participant fails to appear for a contest for a reason not dependent on the organizers, the registration fee will not be returned!
 Accreditation procedure:
Accreditation for the competition – until April 27, 2019. The number of participants is limited!
Perhaps the end of the submission of applications ahead of time!
 To participate in the competition, the following documents should be sent to the Organizing Committee
1. Application form – participant of the established form only in EXCEL format;
2. One art photo for a portfolio;
3. Minus;
Our contacts:

tel. +7 (727)329 38 22

mob. +7 747 647 22 06


We are located in Qazaqstan: 

Almaty, Brusilovsky st. 34, 3rd floor

See you at the competition!


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