Tessafest Moscow



31.10. – 03.11.2020

Briefly about the festival – competition

  The festival organizing committee TESSA will gather many talented people in the capital of Russia, Moscow. The ART HOLIDAYS competition provides a unique opportunity to take part in the competition, but also to take part in festival events, exchange experiences with participants from different countries, attend excursions, and feel the atmosphere of this international festival of music and art!
  The Moscow stage will be a new level of creativity of singers and dancers. Show yourself, win the hearts of fans and enjoy a minute of glory! On the competition will come guys from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan …
  The jury is the leading artists of Russia and Kazakhstan!
  Masterclasses from leading teachers are waiting for you. They will leverage your confidence and enrich them with new techniques.
  For the duration of the competition, we will settle in a hotel in the area of Park Izmailovo.
  Do you know that Park Izmailovo is the largest park of the capital of Russia?! You will have the opportunity to walk in a historic place, gain energy before the performance. And, of course, we will drive through summer Moscow and see its beauty!
 On the competition invited teams from the UAE, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka and others!

On the recommendation of the jury, the best soloists and groups are awarded preferential invitations and certificates for participation in competitions and festivals in Kazakhstan, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Russia!




About Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia, its heart, one of the largest cities in the world, a bright, colorful, modern city, where everyone can find something interesting for themselves and where it is impossible to return without unforgettable impressions. Megapolis with the most powerful energy in the world is incredibly popular among tourists. Hundreds of amazing sights and scenic spots. The city has more than a hundred theaters and sixty museums. The Tretyakov Gallery is simply obliged to visit every guest of the capital. It exhibits the largest collection of Russian art.

Moscow is a city that will not leave anyone indifferent!




Festival organizing committee TESSA (Kazakhstan / Russia);

Goals and objectives:

Strengthening cultural ties between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation;

Popularization of Kazakhstan in Russia;

Performance enhancement;

Discovery of new talents and their further promotion;

Creating a creative atmosphere for professional communication of participants in the competition, exchange of experience and repertoire;

To participate in the competition, we invite creative teams and individual performers from different countries. Pupils of children’s art schools, creative houses, children’s music schools, students of secondary education and other institutions in the sphere of culture and art can take part in the competition.

Age categories for participants of the competition, for all nominations, except for “CHOIR SINGING”:

5.6 years

7-9 years

10-12 years

13-15 years old

16-19 years

19-25 years old

over 25 years old

mixed category

Competition nominations:

Group (A) Vocals: soloists, ensembles, duets, small forms, vocal ensembles from 6 to 11 people.

Participation is possible in the following vocal genres:

Academic vocal
Pop vocal
Folk singing


General  requirements:

Participants perform – 1 piece (a cappella) or with music, the timing should not exceed 5 minutes.

Group (B) Choral singing: (academic, folk, jazz, gospel)

Junior Choir (6-8 years)
Medium Choir (9-11 years old)
Senior Choir (12-16 years)
Mixed composition
General requirements:

Participants perform 2 works, the timing should not exceed 10 minutes.

A piece of your choice – with musical accompaniment;
A piece of your choice – a capella.

Group (C) Instrumental genre: soloists, ensembles, orchestras.

Folk instruments
Wind instruments
General requirements:

Participants perform – 1 piece, the timing of which must not exceed 5 minutes.

Attention! It is not allowed to execute the program on two instruments.

Group (D) Choreography: soloists, ensembles

Participation is possible in the following genres and dance styles:

Folk dance
Folk stylized dance
Classical dance
Pop dance
Modern dance
Ballroom dance
Dance theater
Sport dance
General  requirements:

Participants provide 1 dance, the timing should not exceed 5 minutes.

Group (E) Fine  Arts  and ART and Crafts

General requirements:

Participants provide – 2 works, the format of no more than A3.

Various genres and techniques of works.

Rating Criteria:

Possession of compositional techniques

Creative individuality and skill of the author

Possession of the technique in which the work was done

Originality of design and execution

Color solution

Group (F) Artistic word – (NEW NOMINATION!)

General requirements:

The program of competitive performances should consist of works of classical and modern literature of a spiritual and moral nature. Speech time for readers is up to 5 minutes, for creative teams it’s up to 7 minutes.

Participants represent the following literary genres:

– Poetry

– Prose

Criteria for evaluation:

– Depth of comprehension of artistic material

– Sincerity, emotional, expressiveness

– Stage culture. Appearance

Jury and awards:

The main jury consists of honored workers and leading experts in the field of culture of Russia and Kazakhstan!
In preparation for the competition, we will update the jury!


Form of the competition:

– Participants are evaluated in each nomination based on age according to the following criteria:

* the degree of complexity of the repertoire;

* degree of virtuosity and technical freedom;

* stage culture, artistry, creative individuality.


– Decisions of the jury can not be appealed!

– The jury assesses the performance by closed ballot.

– Electronic scoring;

– The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the decision of the jury;

– Awarding is held on a certain day of the program. Earlier awards are not issued!

The GRAN-PRIE laureate receives:
The international nominal diploma of the laureate in English, the GRAN-PRIX Cup, a discount or free certificate for participation in competitions in Europe, Russia or Kazakhstan;
Laureates of the 1st degree receive: International registered diplomas of the laureates in English, commemorative engraving of the competition or the cup;
Laureates of the II, III degree receive: International nominal diplomas of the laureates in English, a souvenir medal of the competition;
The diploma receives a personal diploma of participation in the festival – competition;

Additional Special Diplomas and Prizes in the following categories:
“Best Photo of the Festival”, “Best Costume”, “Audience Award”, “Jury Prize”, “Youngest Participant”, “Best Performance of a Classical Work”, “For Contribution to Development choreographic art ”,“ For the best choreography ”,“ For the contribution to the development of vocal art ”, etc.



Soloist 16 000 2 900 40
Duet 12 000 2 000 30
ART & CRAFTS (1 work) 10 000 1 600 25
Small forms (5-6 person) 7 000 1 300 17
Collectives (more then 6 people) 5 000 800 15


The program for groups who need accommodation:

1st day 28.03.
Meeting at the airport. Sightseeing tour of Moscow (additional. Paid at will). Transfer to the hotel; Setting up
18:00 – Meeting with the organizers;
2nd day 29.03.
Competitive auditions of nominations: “Instrumental and vocal genre”, as well as an exhibition-competition of the participants in the ART nomination. Competition in the nomination “Choreography”.
3rd day 30.03.
Free time. Optional walking tour “Zaryadye Park and Boat Trip”
4th day 31.03.
Departure home.

At will, each group can extend the number of days of stay by reporting its desire to the organizing committee.
A more detailed program will be sent to each artist and team by mail one week before the competition.

COST OF RESIDENCE from March 28 to March 31, 2020 (3 nights / 4 days)
Hotel 4 *
Additionally paid group transfer from the airport and back, as well as additional excursions.

The cost of living is indicated for 1 person, the minimum package is 3 days.

Prepayment for accommodation must be paid before February 20 in the amount of 30% of the minimum package.

With breakfast Min. pack Extra day Min. pack Extra day Min. pack Extra day
Single 65 100 21 700 10 500 3 500 150 50
Double 40 950 13 650 6 600 2 200 105 35
Double with extra bed 39 000 13 000 6 300 2 100 90 30
Apartment«Smart» 76 800 25 600 12 600 4 200 180 60
First category «Smart» 55 500 18 500 9 000 3 000 135 45


Primary requirements:

Preparation and holding of the competition is carried out by the Organizing Committee;

Professional photo and video shooting is possible only by agreement with the organizing committee. If there is no agreement, the participants who violated the rules are not allowed to the competition!

The Organizing Committee has the right to use and distribute (without paying fees to participants and guests of the competition) audio and video recordings, printed and other types of products produced during the events of the competition and on its results;

Each participant has the right to voice advertising of his sponsor (agreed in advance);

When evaluating competitive performances, light accompaniment (various special lighting effects) is not taken into account.

For vocal groups it is allowed to use their own radio microphones or headsets;

The performance of vocalists under the phonogram “plus” is prohibited;

It is prohibited to use phonograms in which the main part of the soloist is duplicated in the backing vocals;

In each nomination there can be up to 30% of participants from a different age group;

Replacing the repertoire during the competition is prohibited!

Submitted materials are non-refundable!

To participate in the festival – competition, you should send the following documents to the email address: tessafest.booking@gmail.com

1) Application Form in the format (Excel);

2) If  you need phonogram, please send the track to the organizing committee in advance. Please, have a copy of phonogram on USB !

3) Pay the registration fee, thereby confirming your participation;

4)  Rooming list of your deligation;

5) Payment for accommodation and other additional services (Transfer: Airport – Hotel – Airport if necessary,  excursions)


Our contacts:

tel.     +7 (499) 899 02 27 RU

mob. +7 (747) 647 22 06 KZ whatsaap

E-mail: tessafest.booking@gmail.com

We are located in Qazaqstan: 

Almaty, Brusilovsky st. 34, 3rd floor

See you at the competition!



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